Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Doing your bit!

I just could not understand some people's behaviour..I know..people are diverse and so are their behaviours..I am not saying about something bad...it's just that the behaviour (or i think in this case attitude is more appropriate) is so unacceptable...

well, the story goes like this..in my flat, we are provided with recycle bag so that we can recycle paper and glass..(one thing to note: they don't recycle plastic bottles...strange but true)...all this while I think all my flatmates are aware of the presence of the recycle bag and every week, the bin will be full with lots of stuff to be recycled..

it was my week last week..you know..we have duty roaster..who should take charge of the kitchen or else no one will do their duty...so, in the morning I cleaned some of my stuff in the room and found lots of papers which could be recycled..I put these papers in the recycle bag..also, all the food packaging which was made from paper I put it in the recycle bag as well..the next morning when I was about to bring the recycle bag down to a large recycle bin, I saw my biscuit packaging which was made from paper being thrown into the rubbish bin..I was so surprised thinking who would do such a thing..if the stuff is made from paper and it has the recycling symbol (the one with 3 arrows in rectangular shape), it means that it can be recycled..who wouldn't know that right?

I think I know who did that coz' previously, I was asked by one of my flatmates about what material can be recycled and what cannot be recycled..I don't know why would someone do that...if the stuff can be recycled, why must it be thrown into the rubbish bin? I am so frustrated with her attitude..I know she might not be aware of the environmental issues but just leave the stuff as it is..

having a degree in environmental science did change my perception about the world we are living in..everyday, the rubbish that we are producing are thrown into the landfill and we are running out of these spaces..the more rubbish that we produce, the landfills will be filled at a much faster rate..even now the lands available are scarce as we have to make way for developments..people need houses for shelter and more people are now staying close to landfills...this create another problem..studies have shown that people staying within a close distance to landfills have higher incidence of cancer; leukemia or bladder cancer in particular from the landfill gas (methane, volatile organic compounds and others)...

so what can we do? if we recycle either glass, paper or plastics (not all plastics can be recycled yet),these will reduce the amount of rubbish that goes to the landfills....yes it's true that products made from recycled materials do cost higher in the market, but if more people are aware of recycling, the demand will increase and in the long run, these products could be much cheaper than now..please recycle and help the environment..the earth is not meant for us only but for the future generation as well..sustainable environment is what we should aim for...PLEASE DO YOUR BIT...RECYCLE!

p/s: I may sound a bit like an environmentalist now but I do hope that more people are aware and care for our environment by doing our bit..recycle what we can and let's make our earth a better place..


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